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I live in a small house in a small Ohio town, with my husband and our two small boys, and much of my day is occupied with small things—like putting away instruments in my classroom or popping the hose on our dishwasher-on-wheels. But writing is my way of connecting with the big world out there. My work has appeared in local and national magazines, on the Internet, and some sweet day, will appear in a Theater Near You (or an Asian-American film festival, or an indie film house). Sometimes I write about my small world; sometimes I write with what I hope is a global perspective. Thank you for allowing me to share with you.


If you know me outside of this blogsite, please don’t leave a comment that reveals more about my personal life than the blog post did. Notice, the names of my sons are absent. Thank you in advance.


A Few Answers:


If you knew me before 2001: Elena Vale Ford.


I was born in Louisville, Kentucky, and still consider it my hometown. But I attended high school in a Kentucky small town, which may as well have been a different country. These years shaped how I see race, spirituality, and being an outsider.


My job: teaching music at an urban K-8 school.


I’m a huge fan of Asian-American cinema.  My favorite actor is Sung Kang and I’ve had the good fortune to meet him in person.

One Response to “About”

  1. Hi, I found your blog somehow after finding some hits on Sung Kang in Google. I had the pleasure of dining at his restaurant in Brentwood CA. Anyway, I like your perspective and wanted to reach out to you – check out my web project on the Asian-American Male experience: it’s called, Asian Male Revolutions.

    I want to keep this brief, but if you want to start a dialogue, just send me an email. Thanks, and have a great day – you have a lovely family.

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