Apologies to the Sung Kang fans

My current schedule does not allow much time for blogging, so I had no idea that the links to my articles on Sung Kang were broken. I have fixed them…if you click on Sung Kang in my tag cloud, you will find my interview with him from October of 2008. Or just click here. Another way to find my work on Sung is to visit ningin.com and enter “Sung Kang” in the Google toolbar. Even though I no longer earn a living from writing articles, I treasure my memories of crafting them, and I know that many people have enjoyed my work.

I also noticed that many pictures I’d copied onto my blog have been removed. I do understand that some people don’t want pics used without permission; I haven’t always taken the time to ask permission or search for public pictures. So please forgive the gaping holes where beautiful images used to be. Perhaps someday I’ll find pictures I’m permitted to use.

The summer break has been wonderful–a much-needed time of sabbath. I am working on an entry for the Cincinnati Film Festival’s screenplay competition. It would be so fun to discuss it here–but obviously, these things have to be under wraps.

Hope all of you are enjoying your summer.

~ by elenastevenson on July 6, 2011.

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