Joo Hyun: Seeking Birth Family


Joo Hyun, aka Jeremy Stevenson, a very young infant in Korea, 1975

My husband, who was born in South Korea and adopted by an American family at 5 months, has recently made a couple of important decisions. Jeremy is ready to begin looking for his birth family in Korea, and he hopes to travel to Korea in the summer of 2010. These are his decisions—I am publicizing them only to show my support for him. We believe this journey to be very important, regardless of the outcome.

Because the Internet has reduced the boundaries between nations and cultures, we are hoping that people who could help us might stumble upon this blog. Here are a few particulars:

Birth surname: Joo
Birth first name: Hyun
American name: Jeremy Stevenson
Born at: Kwun Boo Jun Maternity Home (#520, Yunhee Dong, Seodaemun Ku, Seoul, South Korea)
Birthdate: January 29, 1975
Weight: 3.5 Kg
Released by: David Livingston Adoption Program for U.S. adoption
Current circumstances: Jeremy is now 34 years of age, married, with two beautiful young sons

Here is a picture of Jeremy today:


Jeremy Stevenson--husband, father, employee, pianist, photographer, and Korean adoptee

At this point, nothing is known about Jeremy’s birth mother—not even a name. She disappeared shortly after he was born. He was placed with a foster mother whom he lived with until he was sent to America for adoption by the Stevensons in July 1975.

Before Jeremy was ready to “look,” we had talked about taking our whole family to Korea—someday, when the kids are older. We still plan to do so later, but this first trip needs to be alone, for several practical reasons.

Through a fellow Korean adoptee, Jeremy found out about G.O.A.L.’s program for Korean adoptees. G.O.A.L. (Global Overseas Adoption Link) takes care of lodging and many other logistics for adult Korean adoptees returning to the motherland; adoptees pay their own airfare. At this point, we are not sure how to finance the airfare, but we do have several months to plan.

One advantage: Joo is not a common surname. It is possible that his name was changed by the maternity home.

If you can help in any way, please contact me, Elena Stevenson, at

Thank you so much for reading. Your help and support will make the biggest difference for our family—and for another one, now unseen, in the Land of the Morning Calm.

~ by elenastevenson on November 8, 2009.

8 Responses to “Joo Hyun: Seeking Birth Family”

  1. love and hugs to you and Jers
    it’s a mission and an emotional rollercoaster to go on

    my uncle has recently been reunited with a son he had at a young age who was adopted out (this was three years before he met/dated/married his wife, or according to her they would be divorced now). Anyhu he has been welcomed into the fold (poor bastard) and I hope Jeremy finds what he is looking for in his search.

    I have a sibling that my father also sired – again at a young age and before he met my mother, that was adopted out by the birth mother. They haven’t tried to contact my father (perhaps they have tried to contact the birth mother – I don’t know), sometimes I wonder what they are like etc

  2. Jaine, thanks so much for your support. Did not know about the unknown sibs in your family! So, you understand some of what we’re dealing with.

  3. Wishing Jeremy the best of luck!

  4. My husband and I are here to help in any way that we can…best to you and your family.

  5. Good Luck! We are adoptive parents to a Korean daughter. We hope that we will be able to find her parents for her. She is only 19 months old. We hope by starting the search now, we will find something. Rather than waiting for her to initiate it later in life. We do not want her to have to always wonder about her other family members in Korea. We would love for them to take any part in her life that they are comfortable with.

  6. Wishing you the best Jeremy. I am a 39yo Korean adoptee getting ready to start the same process. I think we probably share very similar stories. When are you planning your trip? How much money do you think you will need? I truly hope you are successful in finding what you desire. Please keep the site posted on your progress.

  7. Thank you Kim, Amber, Melissa, and Jaine for your support.

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