And Life Goes On….to District 9

Although I’m too clumsy to juggle actual objects, I continue my juggling lifestyle. I did not obtain a classroom position this year, so I will work as a contracted sub for a local school district. The first day of school is Monday. I continue to do freelance work as the opportunity arises. If you’re interested, here are links to a couple of recent articles.

I enjoyed writing a review of District 9. You might be wondering how I came to write for Columbus’ indie paper if I live in Cincinnati. Last year, an L.A. film publicist I got to know through Finishing the Game asked me to review a film that played in Columbus. I didn’t even have to drive–he sent me a screener. For District 9, I attended a press screening in my own city. Ah, the wonders of turning in work via email. That reminds me–anyone seen that Gonzo doc about Hunter S. Thompson, and the scene where he smashes that primitive fax-machine thing he used to turn in articles?

I’ve also done some work for a Cincinnati webzine called Soapbox–mostly short articles on business news. The feature I did on Asian Community Alliance was really enlightening. ACA addresses the needs of Asian immigrants in our city, which has a small but growing Asian presence. The two community organizers I interviewed were fascinating to talk to.

I feel blessed to meet so many interesting people and ideas through my writing. Teaching has similar benefits. Makes me wonder what this year will bring. I’m up for anything–I have to be.

~ by elenastevenson on August 15, 2009.

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