My Puzzle Piece

Well, friends, it’s July…the no-man’s land for teachers in Ohio. They hire in June, they hire in August, but July is when the principals are on vacation.

June was busy. I had several interviews. My restaurant was great about letting me off the lunch shift. I dressed, I portfolioed, I talked. But none of the employment possibilities panned out. Last week, I felt terrible, but this week, I have a different perspective. I want to work for a district that’s a great fit for me–where standards are high, and my creative experience is appreciated. Where I can teach choir and general music, and help children experience how music touches our humanity. Either that place will open up in August, or I will sub for another year. Either way, life will go on and my family will be OK.

I have to find a place and stay there….because of the teachers’ salary schedule, you can’t get hired if you have too many years of experience, and I already have four. I’ve heard that some districts are only looking at hiring new graduates. I’m hoping that does not hold for all. A teacher has so much more to offer ten years out of college. I’m trusting that someone will see my unique gifts, just as I find the unique gifts in my students.

I’m looking at teaching private voice lessons to keep my skills sharp and create income. More information to come. A few freelance articles have come my way. I’m also very happy about teaching summer school for one of the districts I subbed for. The kids arrive on Monday.

In the meantime, let me refer you to one of my favorite blogs, from Seattle’s Pastor Eugene Cho. He has some great thoughts about life not going as planned:

~ by elenastevenson on July 15, 2009.

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