Welcome Back, Kotter

Our oldest son, early March 2009, enjoying his first trip to the circus

 I have not blogged in something like eternity. But my older son’s little virus kept me home from work, so I’m taking the moment and running with it.

I’m now working full-time as a substitute teacher, attending grad school on some weekends, and basically, just working to hold it all together. I’m not contributing to the Ningin Asian media website anymore–I really enjoyed it, but there’s just no time. If you write in addition to a full-time job, you have to be choosy. I chose screenwriting.

Cincyscript, my screenwriting group, is Sunday, and I’m taking a treatment for the second draft of my latest project. In the odd planning period at work, I’m reading David Trottier’s Screenwriters’ Bible, and getting some great insights from it. Rest time, allowing ideas to germinate, is key in writing. I may not have much “face time” with my computer these days, but the creative process continues.

The students I work with are full of material. For security reasons, I could never ID them by name or obvious characteristic in my work. But being back in the public schools is something of a learning lab on psychology, adolescence, human nature….it’s all good 🙂

I don’t want to be obnoxious with link-backs to my work, but since Fast and Furious is coming out this weekend, I had to throw this in. Sung Kang is in the movie, and last October, I interviewed him. Fascinating guy. Links are in the previous post. I’ll be seeing Fast and Furious for a Girls’ Night Out on Saturday. Is that not a riot? GNOs usually involve a chick flick, but I was set on seeing this movie opening weekend. Even if you don’t normally go for action, you gotta hand it to Justin Lin. He brings a special artistry to the genre.

Well, that’s the Kitchen Sink for now….

~ by elenastevenson on April 3, 2009.

3 Responses to “Welcome Back, Kotter”

  1. Hi Elena,

    I’m a professional screenwriter in LA originally from Dayton, with a newiesh WordPress blog you might find interesting… I was just searching for other blogs and blog posts dealing with screenwriting and yours came up. I like your vibe. I don’t have a blogroll yet, but maybe we could link to each other as I build one. I’m at http://etb1.wordpress.com. I do consulting with writers as a kind of side gig… I’ve been working with quite a few I met in Cleveland when I did a screenwriting bootcamp there in October… Anyway, good luck with your writing!

    Erik Bork

  2. Hi Elena
    nice to see you blogging!
    I totally understand about the prioritising and I’m glad it’s your screen writing! I’ve given away Kungfu to focus on ballroom dancing and belly dancing (yes I’m a nerd).
    I can imagine the High School is a good source of material. Not sure if I will go and watch Fust and Furious 4 at the flicks. I’m not really a fan of the series. Sung was the only decent thing in the 3rd movie, which, from a feminist perspective, still treated women as nothing more than eye candy and the prize (sure a beautiful and sassy prize, but a prize nonetheless). Furthermore, at the end of the day Sung was a pimp, sure a sexy and charismatic pimp but that is hardly the experience of most women in the sex industry. I say all this but I probably will go and see it coz I am such a fan of Sung. (what a sell out I am, one hot guy and my principles go out the window ^_~)
    take care and keep up the screenplays!!
    love the pic

  3. PS
    I loved Welcome Back Kotter when I was a kid, the theme song is now playing in my head

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