Absentee…and it’s all Ningin’s fault!

Hey, friends,

I just became a regular blogger with ningin.com, a new website for Asian media. Anything, anyone Asian or of Asian descent, anywhere in the world, is highlighted on Ningin, with a focus on the entertainment industry. And here I am, a Caucasian female, writing for it. I got to know the people in charge of Ningin through the film world, and they are very cool. They don’t care what your background is. What matters is all colors working toward fair treatment of all people, particularly in the film industry.

I will still be blogging over here as well, but subjects that fall within the scope of Ningin will be over there–probably about an entry a week. The latest thing is the 72 Hour Shootout, where teams have just that many hours to create a short film. I’m interviewing some of these up-and-coming filmmakers. Maybe next year I’ll be in the Shootout–this year, I’ll be at my college class reunion and visiting family.

Here’s my blogpage over there:


Hope you get a chance to check it out.

~ by elenastevenson on June 20, 2008.

3 Responses to “Absentee…and it’s all Ningin’s fault!”

  1. how is ningin.com? maybe i will check it later. but i think this blog is cool enough, dont stop to post here, you have done great things here. please visit my blog and give some comment there.
    -nice to be here 🙂

  2. I just visited your page at ningin. It looks great. I’ll check out the whole site later.

  3. Oh Elena that’s great. Good for you.

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