A Big Guy, Tim Russert


As most of you have heard, Tim Russert has died. He was a great journalist, and from what I’ve heard, a great human being. He knew how to ask tough questions, yet never developed that jerk persona that gives journalists a bad name. Here’s what speaks the most to me—the respect he paid his dad, a World War II vet and sanitation worker. My own dad, a construction worker, passed on his interest in politics to me, and here I am today, pursuing a career in journalism and film.


When it came time for Tim to write a book, he could have covered the powerful people he rubbed shoulders with. Instead, he wrote on his own blue-collar dad, and the things he learned from him—then wrote another book that allowed others to tell about their fathers. This speaks to respect for all people, irrespective of background. We can all learn something from that.


Tim, you’re in a better place now, but we remember your contribution. Kudos to you. And Happy Father’s Day, everyone.

~ by elenastevenson on June 14, 2008.

One Response to “A Big Guy, Tim Russert”

  1. He was a great son and father. His love for family, above all his achievements in life, was the very thing that earned my respect.

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