Kissy Kissy

First published on MySpace, April 30, 2007

OK, let me just lay out my opinion and experiences on kissing as a form of family affection….and I want to emphasize that there’s no right or wrong in this…just my feelings and yours.


I have never been all that into kissing, except with a date. (Rob Quan, wherever you are….I still remember your kiss on the cheek after all these years. Mmm.).


I’m more of a hug person, and there are even people whom I don’t really want hugging me. I am not crazy about it when some grandmother type kisses me on the cheek, though out of respect for the person I submit to it. I made my mom really mad one time when I was little…I wiped her kiss off my cheek.



But I’ve always felt that kissing on the mouth is only for lovers. I know in some cultures—Eastern Europe, for example—you kiss everyone. My cultural background is WASP/recently-emigrated German, and we just don’t do that. I know many people who kiss their children on the lips, but I never did—until the other day.



It was my father-in-law’s 60th birthday party. Dave, the guest of honor, was sitting in the middle of the room, opening presents. Our son, 16 months old, was walking around him in circles, and he kept coming back to me. He kept putting his face right up in mine and giggling, trying to kiss me on the mouth. So I let him. It was really cute.



This happening made me suddenly curious about kissing. Who do you kiss? Where? (OK face only please). Under what circumstances? Is it an intimate form of affection, only for the people closest to you? Or is it more casual?



I am especially curious if you’re from a different cultural background than me. 

~ by elenastevenson on June 5, 2008.

2 Responses to “Kissy Kissy”

  1. I do think that lip kissing is best suited to lovers, but I also see it as okay and fine with mothers and children, It’s just not something I ever did, but I’m not an affectionate person. I remember giving my mum and dad a kiss on the cheek as a gift for their anniversary. They was shocked, they knew how hard it was for me to do that.

  2. I’m also not very physical or affectionate. I rarely kissed my parents and they weren’t hugging types either. Their affection came in the form of nagging and scolding. I like lip-kissing a lot with a good kisser. Sadly, the hubby isn’t such a good kisser so we don’t do the tongue-hockey. Just dry kisses on the lips. Bummer, isn’t it?

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