I watched Juno a couple nights ago, and I liked it. It’s a subtle film. (Flashing spoiler alert here) It was interesting to see the psychological phenomenon of transfer on the big screen. The time that Juno wanted to spend with her teen best friend/babydaddy was the time she spent bonding with the prospective adoptive father. The adoptive father’s affection for Juno was the affection he should have had for his wife, but did not have. I’m not a complete spoiler…I won’t spill the ending here. But it was a right ending, low-key and in keeping with the rest of the film. Stepfamily dynamics were another strong suit. Perhaps my favorite outcome was that a female screenwriter (Diablo Cody) got recognition…it won Best Original Screenplay.

If you’ve seen Juno, did you like it?


~ by elenastevenson on June 3, 2008.

3 Responses to “JUNO”

  1. I thought it was great, and so did K. Yeah the ending was great. Hehe I loved the stepmum I thought she was great too.

  2. The boy-father got away from any responsibility. He didn’t seem to have any presence of mind to take any responsibility. Anyway, it was a comedy and made everything so light-hearted. Almost like, if a teen gets pregnant, no worries – have it and then give it up for adoption, and continue your life as if nothing happened.

    It was a good ending though.

  3. at first i’m not excited to watch juno for i believe there’s no thrill in this movie. But, when i got the chance to watch it for free, i felt like i won twice. I really like ellen’s page character and how she reacts to her pregnancy. great screenplay!

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